Crowbook User Guide 0.15.0

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This release includes a few new features, such as the possiblity to include Markdown files as section/subsections and not only as chapter, experimental support for superscript and subscript, and yet more experimental support for writing interactive fiction.

Substantial changes in this release, the more important one being support for parts!

Only minor changes in this version:

Fixed a bug in fr.po translation that prevented building from fresh install.

This release contains some breaking changes (mostly for the API, which has been split in separate libraries). It alse features some internationalization support, and the program should now be tranlated if your LANG environment variable is set to french.

This release mainly introduces generation of proofreading copies, allowing, if they are set (and crowbook was compiled with the proofread feature) to generate proofreading copies, using tools to check grammar and detect repetitions. These features are currently experimental.

The main objective of this release is to clean public interfaces, in order to limit breaking changes in the future. Ideally, all pre-1.0 releases should thus be 0.9.x. Concretely, this meant three things:

This release adds support for syntax higlighting in code blocks, customized top and footer blocks for HTML rendering, and the special import_config option that allows to import options from another book file. It also provides (hopefully) better error messages.

This releases renders images differently when they are on a standalone paragraph or inside a paragraph.

Mostly rendering fixes: